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Woke up at around 6:30 to get ready for the mass but also to have enough time to roam around the place. Forgive us because we’re still in our pj’s lol.

This is beautiful, well for me. 

Gereka looked so cute here! :)

Mom took this photo, hence the angle. I really loved the colors that they used to paint this place!! 

Lol, may extra. Hahaha, kidding! :)

Stairway to heaven, lol. Went to the place called, “Little Baguio.” It’s called Little Baguio because you can see the whole province from the top. :)

Mom and Dad. I love the way the plants look! So green. <3

Look at our eyes, lol. :)

Ordered coffee and people were dancing and yeah, lol. 

Took a bath then headed to the church! Saw this lola who knows how to use an iPad! My parents do not even know how to use one, lol. :) Click this for more photos of the church.

Otw home. I fancy taking pictures of coconut trees. :) And look at the ferris wheel!! I miss EK! :( 

Day 2 was better than day 1 because I made gifs with Gereka, lol. Click read more to see them!


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My mom and grandma goes to Mauban, Quezon Province every year to celebrate Mauban’s fiesta but also to visit my grandfather’s hometown. This year the fiesta was held on a Sunday that’s why my mom brought us with her in this province.

On the way. I really love it when roads are clear and clean. <3

After several hours, we finally arrived! But we encountered a very big problem. The hotel that we were supposed to stay in was fully booked! :( My mom didn’t reserve because it was never fully booked but that day came, lol. We had to stay in a not so good hotel. :( The hotel has no tv, heater, and all those stuffs which really annoyed Gereka and I. But at least there’s an aircon. :) We were also scared to death! -__- Huhu. Thank God, we only had to stay there for a night. We just took it as a sacrifice for God. We went to Mauban to celebrate mass not to have some fancy vacation, anyway. :3 Sacrifice, sacrifice! <3

At the Church. Look oh, there’s a balloon! 

Gereka. :3

Stayed near the sea and bought cotton candies! I love cotton candies. <3

Under the sea

Irrelevant caption, lol. :D Thanks for reading! Part 2 is a longer and better post. :) It will be posted tomorrow. 

*some photos got deleted on flickr i’m too lazy to reupload them :( updated 080412


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Okay, I’m weird.

I’ve been blogging about my trip in Bicol for days because I really had a productive vacation there, which is good because I have something to blog. Today’s blog post is about a farm, lol.

What happened with the quality. :( (sorry for the outfit lol)

So yeah these are the photos I took when we were at the farm. And I saw a sheep on the way there!! It was my first time to see a sheep and it’s really cute, lol. You might be wondering why I named this Cottonbelle, well I hear the word cottonbelle a lot from Gereka, haha. But that’s not really the reason why, the main reason is there are a lot of cottons in that place! If you’ll notice it, there are pieces of cottons on the ground on some photos. :) I can be really weird with titles, haha.


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We ate at Geewan while we were still in Bicol and they served delicious food! Mom said that Geewan is like the Goldilocks of Bicol. So here’s what we ordered. 

Mom’s order. This is like Bicol’s specialty with gata and stuff and I don’t really like those kind of food so I didn’t taste it.

Gereka’s order, the same as mine. I really like their bbq and their fried rice. I realized that I should have just ordered plain rice to taste of the bbq more but it’s still great.

It’s really cozy there, and thank God it is because my mom and I had been walking all day. I really love it there, haha. 

Then we all ordered Halo-Halo!!! <3 This is like the yummiest halo-halo ever, lol. The Ube was delish but the Leche Flan was plain and I didn’t really like it. For me a good halo-halo must have a really yummy ube and a sweet leche flan and they seem to have it. So yeah if we’re going back to Bicol I will buy this halo-halo once again because I really love it. <3 

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On our Day 2/3 in Bicol (Not sure, haha) we went to a hotspring resort in Bicol. It was my first time to try a hot/cold spring. The resort we went to has a lot of hot/cold springs and when I say hot, I really mean hot and when I say cold, I really mean cold!

The way there was quite scary. We passed by a zigzagged road and the curves are really sharp. It was okay on the way there but on the way home was scarier because it’s going up. :/ 

These photos were taken when we were at the Hot Spring. The temperature of the water is 32°C and it was extremely hot! They have a 28°C but that was warmer for some reasons I can’t explain, lol. They also have a 39°C. Anyway back to what I was saying, this spring is really warm but after a few seconds you would be able to adjust with the temperature. Just taking a step into the water will make you scream ‘hoooooooot’ but after some time, you’ll feel comfortable.

Feeling mermaids! :)

These shots were taken while we were in the Cold Spring!! And it was freezing cold. :/ By the time I tried dipping my foot in the water, I was like ‘Ohmygod, let’s go back to the warm one, I’m freezing!!!!!!!!’ I felt like I was swimming in a water filled with ice!! (titanic eh?) So to adjust with the water, Gereka and I played a game and yeah after a few minutes I was able to adjust. I didn’t swim here though, because I still feel cold. 

After trying both springs, we went back and forth to the springs and it was really fun!! There was also a time when a frog was swimming with us. :/ Yikes! I’m scared    of frogs, lol. Our feet also had this orange color because of the algae. We went to a place where you can find nature, eh. :) You’re like inside of a mountain because of the location. 

This post ends with the food that we ate, lol. Yum!

Click read more for bonus photos.