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And we’re now on the beach!!! The last time I was on top of the sands was like 6 years ago?????? I’m not really a beachy person (HAHAHA) that’s why I did not actually crave about the shores but visiting beaches once in a while is great! 


Hysterical Geela starting to become Sisa hahaha


My sister is werking it hahahaha


YEHET hahaha

Well we just had to. The beach reminded us of the Winter Sea from EXOST :(((((

This beach is one of the many amenities in Hamilo Coast! This one is already more than enough for a reason to stay here. Having a beach near your home (just a walking distance / you can ride a free shuttle) is just amazinggg. Summer any time of the year hahaha!

I’ll blog more about Hamilo Coast on my last post! I think that contains a lot of pictures and when I say a lot…………… it’s a lot!!

To know more about this place you can contact my mom on her email: She’ll surely help you with anything related to this beautiful place.


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This is just a 1/3 of my photo diaries in Pico de Loro! It was the last thing that I had in stored for summer so pretty much this ends all my summer posts :( 


Obligatory tourist photo hahaha


The place is really beautiful!!! I wouldn’t mind living here even if it’s far from the ‘civilization’ hahaha. Can I wake up to this view everyday? Yes please!!!!


The place is covered with flowers and all things leafy and green! I developed a strong and passionate love for flowers (lol) recently that’s why seeing a lot of them in this place made me wanna stay there a little longer. THE PLACE IS SO PRETTY I JUST HAD TO TAKE SELCAS.


After that we roamed around the place and visited their model units. You can own a condo unit or apply for a lifetime membership to make use of all their awesome facilities! If I were bloody rich, I would’ve bought a unit at once! 


Around noon we grabbed lunch near this area, I think it’s called Lagoa. The food wasn’t great at all. Not that bad but not impressive either - -for the price. They have other restaurants though. and I would love to try them next time!!

And this ends my first photodiary! I still have 2 more, one about Pico de Loro’s beach and the other about the their super beautiful and solemn chapel. I’m saving it for the last because it’s so damn beautiful. 

Hamilo Coast is just a one and half hour drive from Mall of Asia or a 45 minute ride from the bay! Didn’t know I could reach heaven at that amount of time! Oh and the route to the place was super great as well! The view is so pretty. <3 To know more about Hamilo Coast you can contact my mom on her email: She’ll surely help you with anything related to this beautiful place.

See you on my next post!


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Here’s what I wore on my family’s spontaneous Tagaytay adventure! We only planned to go to my mom’s agenda and do something in the mall but we ended up going to the south lol, we were on our way anyway. I’m so lucky because my outfit matched! 


I’m fond of wearing maxi skirts during summer because it gives me the relaxed vibes that the season obviously gives (school no more) haha, although summer isn’t my favorite time because it’s the most draining season ever. I can’t work when it’s too hot and I hate too much sun lol. Sometimes maxi skirts can make you feel uncomfy because of length x free sauna probs lol but mine didn’t make me feel that way at all for it has 2 slits! ++ for more ventilation!


Lol grasshopper mode. It was so windy!!! Sorry if I look haggard and derpy on every pic. You all know that wind + geela was never a good combination and probably will never be /sighs.


This vintage top is also the breeziest and the comfiest! Gaaaaah, so far this is my favorite summer outfit. The top is kinda loose that’s why I pinned the strings using a hair clip, lol. Yes or no?


(Vintage top, Romwe skirt, Dresslink bag, Fashion71 sandals) 

That’s it! Summer is almost over (school starts this monday huhu) and the only thing I like about it is the coming of colder days :(((((( I don’t want to say goodbye to my lazy routines yet. 


P.S. The title is from my favorite song, Goodbye Summer! I think this is the 2nd time I mentioned it in this blog.