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Let me start this blog post by telling you that I was able to cross something out on my bucket list that day because……… I was able to take outfit pictures at school!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY Okay I’m so shallow but heeeeeey, that is something big. 

Teehee, I’m also glad that the sun shined brightly that day, I don’t even need to post process the pictures… although because of my setting I added a grainy texture to show off a ‘vintage’ vibe lol.

So enjoy the pictures! These were taken by my mom. This what I wore on Gereka’s graduation. 


When it comes to dressing up, I’m always into black and whites. I must accept this reality haha! I’m not against it though. 

I love my skirt!!! Do you like it as well? It’s velvet and I find the little flowers on the scallops so pretty. Why are little details so cute. 


I like my outfit but I felt like it has a lot of things going on. How I wish I had a sleeveless top because the ‘drama’ on my sleeves, the collar, and the skirt’s design is a little too much for me. 


Fashion71 head to toe look! (except for the bag)

And then my mom left me………

Hahaha. I’m an incoming senior this school year and I wanted to make the most out of the time that I have now. I strolled around my school alone and took a lot of pictures ‘cause I’ll never know when’s my last chance to take yolo pictures there hehee. Click read more for A LOT OF SELCAS (note to self: never travel alone or i’ll be stuck with selcas lol) and some self timer pictures


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I don’t understand myself either

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(Persunmall dress, dresslink necklace, fashion71 sandals)

Summer officially started for me!!!!!!! And yes I couldn’t be more relieved. I can’t say happier because there’s a part of me who wants to go to school just to see my friends lol but aha, finally no more responsibilities! 


Shot these pictures 2 days before our exams haha so basically what I had in my mind that moment was obviously on how I’ll budget my time lol. :( And because of that I realized that I have a number of wishes. 


1) To have good feet

…………… joke haha oh my gosh please don’t laugh but my first wish is to really excel in my studies. :—————( I’m so grade conscious what the hell haha. But that’s my top priority. Grades, grades, grades. Meh. I think this is the result of all the stress that I had this school year and the upcoming CETs. I seriously want to pass UP. :( I’ll do anything to get a slot there. Pray for me please? HAAAAAAAH i’m not expecting to pass but if I will; I’ll cry buckets, buckets of tears expressing gratitude and fulfillment. I don’t need to be an honor student or anything, I just want to pass this university. And no, not pass as in drive in there, pass as in study haha. Pray for me pleaseee?


2) Stop being a whale…. okay joke hahaha that’s enough. Maintain relationships with my family and friends teehee! I never thought I’d be this clingy but really, recently I noticed that I’ve been spreading love and care (or is it just me hahaha) to people close to my heart, aww. 


3) Avoid derps!! I told you I’ll stop with my nonsense wishes……  I lied hahaah. Well hmm I love derping forever (well actually that’s an excuse for my normal face lol) 3rd wish is, to be successful with my passion which is anything related to arts! No, I’m not good in drawing, coloring, or designing. But I have this deep fascination towards art and I just want to get closer to my ‘artiste dreams haha. I do not aim to be famous over my chosen craft, I just want to do what I like, enjoy it, and maybe get rewarded as well haha!


4) For my aunt who is afflicted with a disease, I hope she gets well real soon. The news devastated our family but I know she’ll be okay. She lives far away but despite the distance, our family sends her all the support and prayers that she needs. 

5) Secret wish!! Hehe this is related to my family as well, no need to bring out issues lol. I’d rather keep this topic confidential but it’s nothing big. 


How about you, what are your 5 wishes and why?

The dress had been in my closet for months now and it was that day that I got it out for a spin because it’s finally season-appropriate. I matched it with my trusty sandals for a picnic girl vibe and I added a simple clavicle neclace for a sweeter (?) vibe.

WAAAAAAAAAAH Still can’t get over because summer’s back! I don’t know how to exactly maximize my time but yeah I believe I’ll have a lot of yolo adventures this time, lol.



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It’s been years (yes lol) since my last outfit post, gaaaaaaaah finally I have something to share! I know it’s not so good for a ‘comeback’ (lol wth) post but at least!! 


Life has been anything but hectic and fast. I’m starting to see drastic changes in my days recently and hmm it’s good and bad! Good because I’m learning more; bad because it means detaching, decision making, and letting go…… what. I’m super sabaw right now huhu. :( (always sabaw hehe) 


The romwe top has been sitting in my closet for months already but I always fail to shoot it out because I can’t find something to match it well without showing too much skin. So what I did was, before shooting I wore an inner white top while running errands and removed it just for the pictures. :—-) yay 


(Romwe shirt, Fashion71 shorts)

I hope February ends with a smile! It was such a bore and even one of the meh months of my life creys. I really hope March has something better for me. It’s a month of leaving the strings behind and I know it’s going to be a bit painful (wait i think that’s not the correct term) but that’s how life works. Oh the bittersweet feeling of endings and new beginnings. 

The 3rd month of the year means summer and summer means days in the beach and adventure filled days hours with my bias, dramas, and basically locking myself in my room the whole day while pigging out and crying because of feels. No regrets! Bum life is the life for Geela. I think summer 2014’s gonna be a tad different because I’m going to review for my college entrance exams this year. Huhu, I can’t believe I’m almost there. Omg, #growingupprobs. Anyways, reviewing is a time for my friends and I to bond, as well as new environment and people, and of course studying!! YAYYYYYY. Hahaha well I think that’s okay…. not really….. well………… c’est la vie HAHA. I’m always shifting from a topic to another. 

I suck at writing ohmygod. My thoughts are all messed up and I feel cranky and heh why are my emotions winning over me lately? 


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This week was a blast!! I’m writing this down at 1:41 am of January 26, just to clear things out hehe. 

Gonna start it off with Sunday, aka the day wherein we shot this! I woke up at 5am just like how I usually do when I get up for school (lol) because we dropped my lola at the airport. I wanted to wear an ‘athletic outfit’ but I’m not feeling that mood so I immediately changed into this!


(Dresslink sweater, Fashion71 shorts & sandals, Romwe milk bag)

Totally unprepared but at least it was okay! :) So yeah I went to the airport and had fun weewoo. I love airports okay……. how many times have I mentioned it in this blog lol.


After that, we went to Las Pinas (I slept in the car, no idea on what happened lol) and to SM Aura to take pictures and watch a movie but unfortunately the movie we’re supposed to watch isn’t shown there so harhar we went somewhere else. Going back, it was soooooo windy! I hate shooting when the wind strikes… but I love the weather hehe. image 


My face was blown by the wind hahahaha


My panda sweater was good enough to keep me warm! 


And tadaaaaa that’s it!!

As much as I want to go into details about how my week went, I’m afraid that most will not be able to relate so I’d rather not. Anyways this week was really lovely. Saying that I love this week is even an understatement. All I knew is that I was happy the whole week…….. and that rarely happens.The feeling wherein my happiness overflows the emptiness and confusion that I usually feel, that was it. And I’m thankful and joyful because of that. 

I hope this stays forever although I’m certain it’s not. I’ll be facing the normal routine now and as much as I want to bring back the time, I have to start living the present and face the challenges like before. A big aja for me!


Well life has been great, so far…….. except for this week’s Monday! Haha. Hmm I learned to accept and let go (well i always say that i learned those but i guess what i really mean is that i’m continuously learning those????) so yesh I’m now trying my best to look at life on the brighter side, no matter how large the darker part is.