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If Jesus were born in times of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. 

So last month my CLE teacher showed this video to us and I thought it was cute that’s why I’m sharing this with you! Please watch it, it will make you smile, haha!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy birthday, Jesus. I love you. 

Times change, feeling remains the same.


25 Dec   1 note

Christmas 2012 Wishlist

I started using polyvore last year because I wanted to make a wishlist and now I used it again to make another one! I have 5 sets, haha!


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09 Dec   3 notes Week 3

Here’s my 3rd post for Chinese Apparel! Since it’s already December and the cold breeze is here, I decided to fill this post with cozy tops, haha! You’ll see a coat, a jacket, and a sweater here.

I know that wearing coats isn’t really advised here but don’t you think that this one is cute? If you don’t then what is wrong with you, haha! The coat looks soft and fluffy. :3 

Get the coat for only $34.60 and free shipping here

Stripes!! Louis. <333333333 Love this, it looks so simple yet it’s cute! 

Get the striped jacket for only $19.60 and free shipping here!

And this is my favorite of all……..

I find sweaters really adorable! Idk what happened to me but I gained feels for sweaters, haha! Probably because it gives me the cozy vibes. <3 What made this one special is that it’s pink and I love the details at the back!

Get the pink sweater for $29.40 and free shipping here

Which one is your fave? 

Have you seen my latest outfit post? Check it here


02 Dec   0 notes

Sweater Weather is Better Weather

Another outfit post! This is what I wore after Gereka’s PTSI and when we went to the mall. :)

I know that the weather here in the Philippines is still quite hot, well actually extremely hot, especially during the afternoon so it’s not really recommended to wear sweaters, but I still did because of my blog duties, haha! And who could resist this cute sweater from Udobuy? I was also sick that day, I’m still not feeling well right now. (drafted post november 24 ) :( I felt better though. Anyway, I’ll just finish this, then study, and get some rest. Geela needs to be healthy, haha! :) Okay moving on with the outfit.

Sorry for squinting a lot! :(

There was this bench so………………… :)

This pair of oxford heels is so cute! But not that comfy. :( Idk if it’s because it’s a little big for me or it’s just really uncomfortable to wear.

Somehow this reminds me of X Factor, haha! Idk why. :( They had this picture from Dare To Dream and this picture reminded me of it. Weird, I know. :)

I really like Udobuy’s sweater! It’s thick enough to make me feel warm but also thin for people at a tropical country. This sweater didn’t disappoint me at all! You’ll probably see me wear this again! 

Oops. =)) I wanted to show the looseness of the sweater so yeah. 

(Sweater c/o, Key Necklace a gift from my mom’s friend, Leggings can’t trace the brand anymore since it’s old, Payless oxford heels)

More pictures under the cut!

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01 Dec   5 notes Wishlist

Since Christmas is approaching here’s a wishlist from 

Europe America thick bottom slope documentary shoes - Been wishing for this since April, lol. This one from lovelywholesale is cuteeeeee!

2011 thick heel joker high heel Sandals apricot - I also want a pair of T heels, haha! I think it would go well with any outfit. :-bd

Solid Color Elegant Apricot Dress - Ahh, lace. Enough said. :P

Shoulder bag B1965 - This is really cute! I’d like to use this as a school bag! 

Vogue Pearl Gauze Pink Sweater - If you don’t like the spiked sweaters trend then I think you’ll like sweaters with pearls! <3

Which one is your fave? 

All items from! Please check their site!

30 Nov   1 note