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DIY Minion Nails

Kinda outdated already but sharing it because I can! 

What do we need?

  • Yellow Polish (Color Trends)
  • Black striper (Chic)
  • Silver Polish (Caronia)
  • White Polish (Caronia)


1) Paint your nails yellow. 

2) Draw a horizontal line on the middle of you nail using your black striper. It kinda looks like a sushi now right lol.

3) Paint the middle of your nail with a silver circle. I think  it’s gonna act like the shadow for you minion eyes.

4) Paint a smaller white circle on top of your silver circle.

5) Paint 3 minion hairs on top and seal your design with a top coat.

This diy is kinda self explanatory lol. And it’s also one of the easiest! Would love to see your designs if you’re doing this!

P.S. I got this design on twitter!



03 Jun   7 notes

DIY Ice Cream Nails!

I felt extremely proud after doing this. One of the best and the easiest too!

What we need:

  • Yellow polish (Nature Republic)
  • White Polish (Caronia)
  • Red Polish (Caronia)
  • Pastel Polishes (Etude House & The Face Shop)
  • Brown Polish Striper (Chic)
  • Toothpick
  • Dotting Tool

Feel free to use random colors if you want! 

General Step: Paint all your nails yellow

LEFT HAND (scoops of ice cream):

1) Paint a white ball near the tips of your nails. It should be big but it shouldn’t cover your whole nail.

2) Using a toothpick, make small lines with your pastel polish on the top of the white base. They will serve as the sprinkles of your ice cream.

3) Using a red polish with a doting tool, top of the scoops with cherries………… yum!

RIGHT HAND (cones):

1) Make the letter ‘V’ 

2 & 3) Paint some slanting lines to make the cone!

Then voila you’re done! It’s easy and fun to make! I’ll definitely do this again when I feel like it lol.

I saw the design online but I couldn’t find the link anymore, so sorry if I can’t give the source properly.

Anyways, that’s how I did it! I changed the color to my liking. Hope you could do this as well!



17 May   12 notes

Ibuybeauti is looking for bloggers!

Ibuybeauti, one of my favorite online shops for Korean cosmetics is looking for beauty bloggers…….. now how amazing is that?

According to Marxie, Ibuybeauti is going to host a review blog for their customers. The 10 chosen bloggers will write reviews of their chosen products on Beautifan (the review blog).

Everyone has the chance to join, so if I were you I’ll grab the opportunity. 

All you have to do is to drop an email to provided your 

Blog Address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review link
Brief self introduction

Best of luck to everyone!


01 May   2 notes

Another nail art diy, yoohoo!!! Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the polishes and materials that I used but okay it’s done so let’s just proceed. :3. 

What do we need?

  • 5 different colors of nail polish (The ones on my thumb and pinky are from Etude House, the pastel pink and the pastel green are from The Face Shop, and the pastel yellow one is from Nature Republic SUPPORT THY HUSBANDS  oops)
  • Colorless polish (Caronia)
  • White polish (Caronia)
  • Black striper (I got this one from Chic, can’t really remember but the brand of polish that offers a dotting tool and a striper in one)
  • Silver glitter polish (this is also from Caronia)


1) Always put on base coat! After that I painted each nail different colors. It would be better if your polishes are pastels.

2) Add one coat of glitter polish. You wouldn’t want this one to be thick as the silver color of the polish will be noticed, so just one coat. :) 

3) Make hearts by using your white polish! I tried doing the technique I used here but the hearts are small so I used a different method instead. Follow this! But of course, using the brush of your white nail polish instead of a toothpick. :) Oh and instead of dotting it what I did was I glided a big stripe diagonally and another one opposite but on top of it. I hope you understood my bad explanation.

4) Trace the sides of the heart with a black striper! You can also use a dotting tool. 

5) Once the hearts are dried up (make sure it’s really dry!!!!!!) write those sassy words on hahaha! I painted my favorite ‘can u not’ on my thumb, pointy & middle finger, ‘fab’ on my ring and ‘no’ on my pinky. Step 5 can get a little bit tricky and I was really frustrated with this :(((((((((((( I kept on repeating step one to four every time I mess up 5. Gaaah. But at least I finished even if it’s a fail HAHAHAHA. So yeah just put on any random short words that you like. I wrote omg, meh, rad, ew, and lol, on my left. 

6) Seal the design with a top coat then you’re done!

I’d say this nail art is a bit hard, probably the hardest that I did, but you can do it of course! If I can then you can hahaha!! But okay I suck so much haahah look at the original one, holy, how can such perfection exist? Hahaha!


26 Apr   12 notes

What do we need?

  • Pastel polishes (Mine is both from The Face Shop)
  • White polish (Mine is from Caronia)
  • Magic tape (omg on my prev diy post i told you guys that i lost it, i found it now BAHAHAHA)
  • Pen
  • Scissors


1) After putting on your base coat, put your pastel blue polish.

2) Once your blue nails have dried up, cut pieces of magic tape into zigzag shapes. Then stick it on your nails.You’re going to use it as your guide once you paint your nails with white.

3) Paint the tips of your nails white, you don’t have to worry about the zigzag pattern because you already have your tape on yeehoo.

4) Once it’s dry, you can leave it as it is or you can add pink dots on your tips just like how I did it.

5) Add a top coat to seal your design.

Sooooooo yes, it’s so easy but I had a hard time on the tape part hahaha.

Gosh, sorry it’s so simple. :( I’ll do better next time, it’s just that I’m so uninspired lately. 

Super sorry for a lame diy. :((((((((((

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29 Mar   17 notes