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Thanks for these!! I didn’t expect that people will actually ta  me. Thank you so much. I appreciate each message. <3

let’s be friends! haha! <3

Thank you! I’d like to know you too! <3 



23 May   6 notes


I was tagged by cravingstars. :)


1.Post the rules.

2.Answer the questions by the person who tagged you and write 11 questions by yourself.

3.Tag 11 people and link them in your post.

4.Tell them you tagged them.

Cravingstars’ Questions: 

1) When did you make your tumblr account?

This blog has been alive since December 24, 2011. Though I also have an old tumblr account (it’s still alive but i don’t hang in there that much anymore) and I made it on December 24, 2009. Ask me why I chose dec 24, hehe kidding!

2) What are you thinking about right now?

'Will I finish doing all the things that I want to do today?' 'I want this bag' 'I'm hungry' 'I need to take outfit pictures' 'What to write' hahahaha

3) Do you love me? :3 hehe

I would be mean if I say no HAAHAH so yes na lang. :P joke. Yes bc u follow me haha.

4) What are you wishing during 11:11?

For all the 11:11 wishes not to happen. Joke!! I don’t wish anything ‘cause I always miss it.

5) What is your desktop background?

A beach lol

6) Favorite movie?

I like all the movies I watch so I don’t have one. :c

7) Favorite band?

1D - I’m too mainstream. :(((((((((( i also like exo but i’m not a hardcore fan ha

8) Favorite singer?

Taylor Swift! <3

9) Do you pray everyday?


10) What’s your current phone?

iPhone 7 HAHAHA 

11) How many minutes did it take for you to answer this? Hahahaha

you took all my time. -___- joke idk, i was so preoccupied while answering this. :)

Thanks for tagging me cravingstars!! 

My questions:

1) Why did you start blogging?

2) Bacon or Pizza? (only one teehee :P)

3) What’s the best advice you’ve given or been given? 

4) One thing you can’t live without 

5) Where do you want to live if given a chance? 

6) Favorite scenery?

7) Fashion Icon?

8) Talent you want to have

9) Dream job? 

10) Why did you follow me or how did you discover my blog?

11) Message for me (lololol)

That’s all, I guess. :) 



19 May   5 notes

Thank you so much to bemysunshane and aliyahfrace! :) I never receive this kind of stuffs since I’m so antisocial even on my blog. Lol. So yeah, I truly appreciate your sweet messages! <3

Oh and to aliyah, you’re so cute, you called me Ate Geela, haha!! But it’s okay even without ate, I’m not old naman eh. :) Haha. But so adorbs, haha! <3

thanks again, i’m grateful!

14 May   1 note

Thank you for the messages! I just placed them here so as not to spam you guys. :)

Thank youu! <3

08 May   0 notes
your photos are getting better, i love it! :)

Thank you so much!!! Btw, you’re so blessed heehee. <3

24 Oct   0 notes