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Here’s another shoe wishlist! A girl can’t have too many shoes……….. nor too many shoe wishlists lol.

1) Bow Flats - I started reviewing for CETS 2 Mondays ago and all I can say is it’s like I’m having a 2% taste of college already haha! Okay maybe not 2, that’s just a weird number lol. Anyways, review classes is like college because there’s no more uniform (clothes can be one of your probs already!) and it requires comfortable clothes. I wouldn’t be caught wearing sky-high heels during review! It’s advisable to wear flats and this pair of mint flats comes handy! Don’t you agree? Design’s kinda cliche but I know, we’ll never get tired of bows on flats.

2) Dr. Martens Inspired Boots - Some may say, why wear flats when I can wear boots that are as comfy as flats? Why not! I’m not a boots person but I must say this pair is lovely! You won me at your floral print haha. 

3) Pastel Wedges - I swear my pastel addiction is becoming crazier and crazier……….. it’s scary…. NOT HAAHA. I love these wedges! The hue is so pretty and lovely for my eyes and they look comfortable. Smashed it. 

4) Colorblock Wedges - I think the design is a bit more mature? Maybe because of its bold colors but that’s just what I think hehe. It all depends on how you style them to make them favorable for your age. I’d love to pair these with a white dress for the dress to be my canvas and let the shoes shine on their own! 

5) Colorful Pumps - My fave in this set! I THINK IT’S REALLY REALLY GORGEOUS. The pumps remind me of Cheon Seong Yi (I know the connection’s kinda far but im weird so just accept it lol) and hayyyyy I just really want to own these. I’d pair them to an all white look, although sleeker and more polished than my #4 outfit for a corporate yet playful vibe! Somehow these shoes also remind me of Alice McCall…….. I LOVE ALICE MCCALL. Haha!

Which one is your fave?



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