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Super missed doing food posts! I deleted the previous ones (circa 2012) because they’re so embarrassing hahaha! Allow me to do it right this time, haha! 

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18 Oct   6 notes


Tagaytay is my go-to place every time I feel lonely or uninspired. It just has this vibe of freedom and it’s a place surrounded with flowers and well it cheers me up! Thankfully, the gods up there stirred my fate and made me travel to the South aww yeah!! Thank you Lord for the much-needed sabbatical. In a way, it made me free from my monsters!


I wore a really chill outfit because I just wanted to relax and let loose.


(Romwe dress, fashion71 sandals)

Keeping this short because I have nothing to say anymore? 

I’m stressed right now. Never been this stressed and lonely, but I just hope that everything is part of the process and that this will be worth it. Someone please tell me this is going to be!! Remember my banana and apple wish? I hope I get there soon. 

If there’s one thing that I learned from my recent experiences, it’s that life does not stop for anybody. It is an on-going process and you lose when you stop. We can’t stooooooop we won’t stooooop hahaha!! Okay, things will be better I believe!! 

P.S. I’m still sad about luhan ok i dont think i will get over it any time sooner but i just want to hug him and tell him i miss him and that i need his voice and he is perfect and he is everything :(((((((( im so sad 

P.P.S. Sorry for my absence last week!! Life has been pretty hectic and sad and I’m not functioning well anymore. I lost my system and I’m trying to get it back hahaha!!! I can’t guarantee a blog post next week but I think I can catch up once this quarter ends! Fighting!


11 Oct   5 notes

053014 23:43:59

DIY Cow Nails!! 

My inspiration for this nail art would be my favorite milkshake shop, Udderly haha. Anyways, this is pretty simple!!

We will need

  • Black polish (better if it has the dotting tool type of packaging - Chic)
  • White polish (Caronia)
  • Pink polish (The Face Shop)

1) Paint your nails white

2) Make messy patterns on your nails (except your thumb) using your black polish! This is so easy I swear haha. My tip is to start in the middle of your nail so that it’s easy to adjust with the spaces.

3) Paint the tip of your thumb with the pink polish.

4) On the upper half of your thumb (the white part) do step #3

5) Using you black polish dotting tool, add the eyes and the nose.

Put a top coat and you’re done!! Super easy and cute!

053014 23:46:22


27 Sep   2 notes

(Shoes from

Blue dress because it should have been my acet today. A part of me is relieved that it didn’t push through but then it’s just going to prolong the agony!! However, after studying yesterday I realized how blessed I am that it didn’t happen. I was so unprepared lol. So hmm, I should be grateful then. I just hope they would move it after the sembreak so I could study more but that sounds impossible?? I’m also scared because there’s this voice behind me saying that it’s going to be scheduled around our 2nd periodical tests……… just like what happened during the upcat! Huhu I can’t let that happen. 

Moving on to my outfit, the dress is pretty simple and I love it as it is! Perfect for lazy dressing days. Lately I realized how lazy I’ve become and shoot it’s the worst. I don’t know if it’s because of my lack of inspiration or if I’m just really tired. Heh. I hope this phase would pass! I tried to dress it up by wearing my Valentino inspired heels from yesfor!! And it looks okay??? I wore this to the mall and I noticed how everyone looked at them lol. I suggest you get one for yourself! It can easily make your outfit!!

That’s it for today’s post!! From my observation I’m quite energized to write something with sense today (did i even write with sense lol) this is probably the product of good sleep and of course, the lovely news of the suspension of classes!! I hope everyone’s safe though! 

20 Sep   7 notes