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(Udobuy denim crop top, romwe lace skirt & bag, dresslink usamimi band, wholesale shoes)

Went to megamall MONTHS ago to take pictures………… yes that’s it. Loljk, I went with my fambam since they had an agenda and obvs i squeezed my own hahaha


The reason behind my blog title is A-Pink’s song! Okay my outfit kinda reminded me of them, feeling pacute and all. Typical geela. I matched this denim cropped top from udobuy with my lace skirt from romwe and whoa it looks great aww haha!! Since my top is a bit denim I added my usamimi band which goes well with it…. I guess. If only I looked asian enough, I would’ve nailed this AHAHAHAH. 


Speaking of asian………….. this is the number one reason why I went out of the house. Hahaha okay bye. 

What do you think of my outfit? Sorry if I kept on squinting!


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(Nafnaf top, dresslink pants, fashion71 flats)

Simple ootd!

Here’s what I wore on our retreat! I tried to squeeze this so that I’ll have something to blog for today. Oh, and I’m sorry for not blogging yesterday! This was supposed to be posted yesterday but as usual, I was very busy catching up with school and requirements. 

I hope I can return to my normal routine asap!! Blogging fuels me and I hate how I do not even have time to spare to do what I love. 

(c) Christelle De Castro 

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Here’s a short new in post!! Before anything else, I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog for weeks already. Ok, I still post, but the quality of my posts sucks big time. Huhu. Rereading them makes me cringe. Another thing is, the pictures below are not good enough! I know being busy isn’t an excuse huhu. Please forgive me, I’ll make sure that the next post will be better! 

All the stuff I got are from! My new favorite shopping site!

White bag - I got this because I realized that I do not have a white bag yet. I think its size is perfect because I hate bringing big bags and I love how it can store the stuff that I need. They also have it in other colors like coral and mint! 

Studded Heels - I’ve been lusting over Valentino’s rockstud heels which I obviously cannot buy so I bought a similar one instead haha! I’m still a little girl and I shouldn’t spend too much on clothing teehee.

I love this pair to bits and pieces! The fit is great and I fell in love. I can’t wait to wear this out soon! They look so great on my feet lol. 

I also ordered nipple pads from them but I decided to not to take a picture of it anymore. 

I hope time permits me to shoot for these and the other stuff that I haven’t featured yet. *please time gods lol*

On another note, I changed my blog theme and I’m still working on it. I noticed how my stats are not counting the visitors properly because of my new theme huhu. Sorry for the inconvenience over my posts and my theme. I’m trying to fix everything soon! 

Thanks for reading! 

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Here’s what I wore last month!! Super backlog because I had no time to write last week and my computer isn’t doing well!! The laptop isn’t cooperating either………. Sucks for me. 


My posture = feels about the upcat lol will talk about that later!!


I honestly don’t know what to write about regarding my outfit! It’s all in the picture? And I think my style is already predictable in a way. As long as they’re two pieces, then count me in! Hahaha!

I did not feel any sign of uncomfy-ness despite the show of some skin. It wasn’t revealing at all and all I can say is, I love it!! I think I’m leaning more on simple outfits these days. 


I have a thing for arrows and looking back??? Haha


(Rosewholesale two pieces, CNDirect sneakers)

Ok so this is pretty much what I feel regarding upcat and maybe another rant about life hahahaha!!

I was part of the first batch and what bothered me the most is that compared to others, I had lesser time to prepare. I don’t believe in the power of cramming nor do I reject the idea of it, but with my situation, I had no choice but to cram! If you read my previous blog posts, my sched has been so terrible lately; I never finish all the tasks without having to sacrifice another. Okay so back to the topic, I had really little time to review and being part of the first batch, I seriously had no idea on what was going to happen. All I knew was, I have to have a lot of food haha!! They said that reading comprehension is going to make you really sleepy so I made sure to bring food good enough for a field trip lol! Also, from all the stress that I’ve been facing, food was the only thing that can actually comfort me. Saaaaaaaad.

Before the test, I made sure to pee. You’ll never know! :) So I broke the line and I ended up being the last girl in our room! I was literally beside the door bwahahahaha. Is it fate? Haha!! The chances of getting the first and the last seat is very rare ok (lol at me) 

The proctor gave out the instructions and blahblah….. the test finally started! I didn’t feel nervous at all. It felt the way I answered the mock tests we had at the review center lol. Maybe even less??????? Wait but before you judge, it’s not because I think it’s easy!! I just didn’t care :(((((((((((((( and I think that’s not good? Lol. Weeks before the test, I felt so hopeless and stressed and the way I felt while taking it was so different. Maybe the factor that I’ll finally finish the test was the one pushing me that time. 

The test was difficult (for me). It started with language proficiency. I wouldn’t say that this part is my forte but compared to Math and Science, I know I can conquer it haha! To tell you, it was really challenging. All the the choices made sense (most of the time) and I really made sure to double check on what I’m doing. Also, I was pressured with time! I didn’t know I would have to catch up with time in this part! By the time that the proctor showed the 20 minute paper, I told myself,  ”so acet is not the only unfinishable exam, you can also experience it with upcat huhu” lol thankfully, I finished it! I had to rush it though. 

Next part was Science! IT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT. I studied a lot for this but everything flew away lolool. This is like a test on how you really understood the lessons you had in highschool. If you simply get it, then most likely you’ll spend a time thinking and analyzing which will rattle you! The questions are long and sometimes they give you situations that you need to analyze  which is time consuming huhuhuhu. 

I was able to answer more questions in Math than in Science??????????/ WHAT HAHAHAHA. I hate Math, you all know it. And I don’t know if the answers I found were even correct???? lol Hmm let’s say I was able to answer at least 3 questions in math but only 1 in science lol :( I also had no idea on how to answer f(x) questions! It wasn’t taught in my school yet and when it was tackled in my review center………… I still didn’t understand huhu. There were a number pa naman.

Finally, reading comprehension! I know we all loved Selection 4 haha! It was my favorite! The Filipino selections were so hard to comprehend and the pressure to finish everything in time was just so overwhelming. And it was hard to conclude stuff ok huhu. Huhu. I didn’t finish this too!!


It was so hard. Huhu. I’m not expecting to pass because I’m not even sure of almost all the answers that I had. They said you should skip a number if you do not know the answer…………. so I should’ve skipped everything then? Lol. But that’s not possible either huhu, so I just hope that I made sense while guessing????? AHAHAH. Also, from what I observed, even if I studied intensely, I’ll still feel the same because the questions asked cannot be answered by simply memorizing or understanding?????? Your heart must answer it lol together with your bright mind hahahaha, 

The funny thing was, after the exam, I didn’t feel anything at all. It was just like, so it’s over….. it’s up to Him. I didn’t feel extremely down because I didn’t study or what nots. It was just like that. AND THIS SCARES ME THE MOST. Why am I not afraid? But why should I be?????? Sobrang nakakaconfuse lang, kasi parang best ko ba yun?

At the end of the day, it’s all in my fate and in His plans! God knows the reason behind everything so it’s all on how He will take my wheel. I know He’ll choose the best for me!

P.S. I took my ustet today! Blog post about it next week! 

Kakayanin. Kakayanin. 


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