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Dressale shoe wishlist. 

Guys, I really want to shop right now. As in really, really, really!! I know that it’s not a need though as I’m not that stressed these days haha! So to fulfill my lust for anything related to clothing…….. I window shopped online oops…. I kinda hate myself for doing that as it just frustrates me ahhh bad! But anyway, these pairs inspire me to always strive better so that one day I may shop till I drop! Haha!

1) Almond Toe Women’s Shoes This is probably the most different in style here? Don’t you think? It leans more into Western fashion than the rest. Buuut I can totally picture Cheon Seong Yi wearing this with her signature coats and effortless looks and boom perfection!

2) Pastel Brogues - Sucker for anything feminine looking! This is really pretty, I love the colors. I can totally imagine myself pairing this with tops with collars underneath sweaters… the formula to a preppy look!

3) Black and white flats - This is an essential, enough said. 

4) Pink quilted flats - I love this shade of pink! This is so dainty so much loooooove!

5) Houndstooth flats - Amazing print! But even if its printed it can go well with anything. Don’t you think? 

6) Floral Oxfords - If I were to choose one shoe here, I’d pick this! This is definitely my fave. It has the perfect print, an equally perfect color, and it’s just gorgeous. This is really lovely! Someone get me this right now! Haha!

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Drama: You From Another Star / My Love from Another Star

Rate: 3.8/5

Hmm so read its plot first! :) 

Review under the cut! 


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Let me start this blog post by telling you that I was able to cross something out on my bucket list that day because……… I was able to take outfit pictures at school!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY Okay I’m so shallow but heeeeeey, that is something big. 

Teehee, I’m also glad that the sun shined brightly that day, I don’t even need to post process the pictures… although because of my setting I added a grainy texture to show off a ‘vintage’ vibe lol.

So enjoy the pictures! These were taken by my mom. This what I wore on Gereka’s graduation. 


When it comes to dressing up, I’m always into black and whites. I must accept this reality haha! I’m not against it though. 

I love my skirt!!! Do you like it as well? It’s velvet and I find the little flowers on the scallops so pretty. Why are little details so cute. 


I like my outfit but I felt like it has a lot of things going on. How I wish I had a sleeveless top because the ‘drama’ on my sleeves, the collar, and the skirt’s design is a little too much for me. 


Fashion71 head to toe look! (except for the bag)

And then my mom left me………

Hahaha. I’m an incoming senior this school year and I wanted to make the most out of the time that I have now. I strolled around my school alone and took a lot of pictures ‘cause I’ll never know when’s my last chance to take yolo pictures there hehee. Click read more for A LOT OF SELCAS (note to self: never travel alone or i’ll be stuck with selcas lol) and some self timer pictures


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Posting this at 12:48 am yes I’m so damn hungry 

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I don’t understand myself either