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Early birthday gift from Fashion71!! I couldn’t be more thankful! I love their shop to bits and pieces because of their efficient service, fast and cheap shipping, affordable prices, and among all other wholesale shops, they offer the widest variety of choices! Sooooo perfect!  image


Bowknot heels - This pair of shoes are just too dainty!!!! I also got these on sale! Originally these are priced around $12 but I got it for only $10 hehe. I can’t wait to wear it with my super girly outfits as well hahahaha!


Yellow Skirt - This can pass off as a mini midi skirt??? Lol whut. I thought this would come off as pastel-ish but it was more of a darker shade of yellow. I bought this because of its embossed design! I have a thing for such.


Turtleneck Stripe Vest - I officially love stripes! While shopping I realized that I have around 5 stripe printed clothes in my cart lololol. I had to choose only 2. Such a pain haha! This is super tight and I didn’t know that it should be fitted lol. So yeaaaaah, I need to wear a cover up with this.


Pink Shorts - This is similar to my cyan shorts! I told you I’ll get them in every color while I still can! These shorts are super comfy and perfect. I wouldn’t trade them for anything haha!

Fashion71 is one of my favorite online shops, I tell you!! :) 

So that’s it! I can’t wait to wear all these out and blog about them. 

All fashion71 hauls here


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And we’re now on the beach!!! The last time I was on top of the sands was like 6 years ago?????? I’m not really a beachy person (HAHAHA) that’s why I did not actually crave about the shores but visiting beaches once in a while is great! 


Hysterical Geela starting to become Sisa hahaha


My sister is werking it hahahaha


YEHET hahaha

Well we just had to. The beach reminded us of the Winter Sea from EXOST :(((((

This beach is one of the many amenities in Hamilo Coast! This one is already more than enough for a reason to stay here. Having a beach near your home (just a walking distance / you can ride a free shuttle) is just amazinggg. Summer any time of the year hahaha!

I’ll blog more about Hamilo Coast on my last post! I think that contains a lot of pictures and when I say a lot…………… it’s a lot!!

To know more about this place you can contact my mom on her email: She’ll surely help you with anything related to this beautiful place.


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Guys did you miss my new in posts!!!! I did lol. Some are not so new anymore as some have been in my closet for about 3-4 months now.

Click on read more to know each of them!


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Here’s what I wore to Gereka’s birthday dinner. This beautiful dress from cleocat-fashion came just on time!!


I think this is one of my prettiest lace dresses so far! I told you multiple times on how I can’t find the perfect ‘pure dress’ and I think I found one now!! It’s so pretty and very lady-like lol. And don’t you just love the off shoulder design it has, super classy. 

The dress didn’t complement me so much because of my body’s lack of curves (lol) but I’m sure that if you’ve got those then omg that’s like a jackpot, hahaha!!


I added this pretty necklace from Romwe to add more ‘push’ lolwat to my outfit. 


(Cleocat-fashion dress, romwe necklace)

Called this 49 Days because it reminds me of that Korean drama. If you have seen it, the dress’ purity is comparable  to the drama’s famous tear drop necklace. I don’t know, I just kinda associate it to it. 



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(Giordano shirt, 6ks shorts, CNDirect sneakers)

Trying out a different style  (in terms of the layout) of outfit post for tonight! Actually I thought of doing  my outfit posts this way but I’m not ready for its effects yet lol. Do you prefer it this way with one photo and a read more  for the rest or is the usual stack of photos already okay? Please answer me HUHUHU. The problem with this one though is the primary photo might be small enough………. but at least  my page would look cleaner haha! Still contemplating though.